Turtle Bay Cafe and Bakery in Akumal

As the restaurants’ chairperson for the Taste of Playa executive committee I feel it is my duty to get to know all of our participating restaurants. And I take my job very seriously. Which I why I asked my fellow Taste of Playa foodie Michele Kinnon to join me on a fact finding mission to Akumal. This year we have 2 participating restaurants from this beautiful resort village overlooking the Akumal Bay, Lol-ha Restaurant and Turtle Bay Cafe. Michele wrote a very nice post about Lol-ha Restaurant just yesterday so it is up to me to talk to you about the Turtle Bay Café and Bakery.

Talking about The Turtle Bay Café and Bakery is something I do gladly because I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent at the café, the location, the decor but most of all the food! The menu is huge, we were talking to Bart, he owns the café with his wife Jennifer, and he told us he kept trying to take things off the menu but then repeat clients would come to visit and they would make him put it back on the menu, so he now just leaves it on.

The Turtle Bay Café serves breakfast, lunch, dinner (from November) but since it is also a bakery they have lots of delicious looking fresh baked goods as well. I’m pretty sure there is something for everyone here. There was for us because Michele and I both had a salad, and they were huge and fresh and tasty and wonderful. I had a mandarin coconut shrimp salad with rice noodles, fresh mandarin, almonds and of course coconut shrimp. Not just one or 2 little shrimp but many large and delicious coconut shrimp. Oh my, when I think about the coconut shrimp now, I want to jump into my car a drive to Akumal for more. Michele’s salad had the Arrachera and blue cheese piled on so high I thought she’s never get through it. But, thankfully I didn’t bring an amateur with me to have lunch in Akumal.

Mandarin Coconut Shrimp Salad

Black & Bleu Salad

I couldn’t be happier that the Turtle Bay Café and Bakery is part of Taste of Playa 2010 and will showing be off its culinary expertise on November 21st.

Turtle Bay Café and Bakery is located in Akumal (beach side) on the left side of the public parking area. It is slightly hidden behind the trees so just take the path and after a few steps you’ll see the café.

Written by Monica Hartlief, Restaurant Chairperson for Taste of Playa 2010 and owner of Latido de Mexico. Originally published on her blog, September 13, 2010.


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