Sponsor Spotlight – LocoGringo Does it Again!!

LocoGringo does it again!

LocoGringo.com has been a supporter of Taste of Playa for two years, as a sponsor and as a committee member.  Kay and her team’s ongoing support of the event, before, during and after has been invaluable to the success of Taste of Playa. We wanted to know what captured her attention and brought on her stream of support.

We recently sat over a few cocktails to talk to Kay about her dedication.

1.  LocoGringo.com has sponsored Taste of Playa for the second year.  What makes you want to continue your support for the event?

After the 2009 event, we were already committed to participate in 2010.  The event is professionally organized, was developed  to purposefully include the entire community and is the most fun we have had in a long time .  It is only fitting for us to support such a well executed and popular event for the second year.  All the participants, sponsors, restaurants and marketplace sellers  see the benefits of working together  not only for their individual businesses but for Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.

2.  Why do you think Taste of Playa is valuable for the community?

Taste of Playa is an opportunity for people who live in the community to experience the exquisite talents of their friends, the local chefs and the dishes that they normally don’t have time to experience on a day to day basis.  The participation of the community as organizers and attendees of the event allows the event to reflect, successfully,  the flavor and variety of the people who make up the Riviera Maya.  The event has fabulous energy, as shown in 2009, at as we work together as one towards the good for the coast.

3.  What was your favorite part of the event last year?

I personally felt more connected with the people of Playa del Carmen, more than ever before after 19 years of living in Akumal.   It is an outstanding opportunity to meet  very savvy, passionate, and enthusiastic people who live on the coast.  It was an occasion for friends to meet up, embrace, eat and laugh together.

4.  What are you looking forward to this year?

The success of 2009, illustrated that an event of this caliber can be executed on the coast as a community. The 2010 affair has generated more excitement, community participation, and publicity for the Riviera Maya.  Personally, I am excited about all the food!  I spent too much time last year kissing people hello and not enough time trying the delicacies. I want to eat!

5.   As a destination event, why do you think Taste of Playa is so successful?

As a destination event, Taste of Playa is the only event of this caliber in the Riviera Maya that attracts local residents and tourists.  As the popularity of the event grows we find tourists incorporating Taste of Playa into their vacation plans as a gastronomical and cultural event as a must see & do. Playa del Carmen is an excellent city to host the event, being international in its community, providing an excellent back-drop to a professionally managed event.

6.  You also personally participate on one of the volunteer committees along with some of your staff members.  How is it that LocoGringo finds the time and dedication to TOP?

LocoGringo is happy to dedicate the time needed to put on such an event. Taste of Playa is an event that creates goodwill, a sense of community, and a day that everyone can enjoy.  I cannot imagine why any organization in the Riviera Maya would not want to be involved to some degree.

7.  How have you found TOP to be a benefit for your business?

LocoGringo.com has benefited from participating on many levels.  We believe in giving back to the community, it is good exposure for the businesses we work with to see our involvement.  Our customers see us being active, and this year we have clients coming to Mexico just to attend the Taste of Playa!  It is an exciting event from start to tasty finish!  Provecho!


3 Responses to “Sponsor Spotlight – LocoGringo Does it Again!!”

  1. 1 Susie Albin-Najera September 7, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    Awesome piece on Kay and LocoGringo! Great job!

  2. 3 Kay September 7, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    Thanks guys! Love working on this project!

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