Sponsor Spotlight – Deli Playa

Deli Playa is another of our repeat performers as a Taste Of Playa Sponsorship supporter with an increased commitment to the event and the chefs that they serve on a daily basis.

Deli Playa is the foremost seafood supplier to the local restaurants in the area, with their business expanding rapidly throughout the coast.  Their dedication to only the best quality and freshest seafood that is from the area and within the boundaries of Mexico enables the restaurants to start with quality and have their finished product, the meals that are served to you at dinner, end in quality.

The goal of a chef is to transform the freshest ingredients into the culinary treats that are served to you, the eater.  It is next to impossible to be a supplier, a dedicated culinary artist and an eater.  The Culinary chain is complex and depends on people like Deli Playa to source out quality seafood, and bring it to the artists so that their full energy and expertise is put into their creations.

Deli Playa has taken on this responsibility and takes it seriously.  The owners started with local seafood and extended their offerings to include weekly special ‘treats’ that are outsourced from different countries.  Mussels, oysters and other seafood delicacies, not found in the local restaurants 10 years ago are now found at Deli Playa who is committed to fueling the need for international flavors that the local restaurants serve Riviera Maya Guests.

For those who want to try their hand at re-creating or creating their own culinary treats, or wish to try first hand manipulating and playing with local ingredients in combination with seafood, Deli Playa is open to the public with a portion of their business open to retail clients who want to attempt cooking their own meals.

Half the fun of eating out is trying some of these dishes at home.  Deli Playa is open to the public and encourages locals and visitors to try cooking at home and experimenting with our local and international seafood.  The adventure on your vacation is not just on the streets and highways of the Riviera Maya, it is also in your kitchen where you can successfully try ingredients that you cannot get at home.

Av. 10 Nte. Mza. 65 Loc. 7
Entre Calle 32 y 34 Norte

(984) 803 5552  – (984) 155 4200


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