Babe’s Noodle House – A Great Thai Option in Playa del Carmen

One thing that the Riviera Maya is not lacking is international influence.  In addition to this, we are not lacking creative restaurant owners that take their passion and create a great business.  Babe’s Noodle House located on 10th Street between 5th Ave and 10th Ave or on 5th Ave between 24th and 26th street, is one of those visions of passionate owners that has now become a successful and famous eatery in Playa del Carmen.

The Swedish Owners, Per and Lena, are as creative as their menu.  Both coming from the world of music, food and parties, they built Babe’s Noodle House from the ground up, developing the decor, the menu, the staff and the concept, from their own passion of what they thought food should be.  The Thai influenced menu has an array of curries, red, green and yellow, has a few Pad Thai options, great appetizers and the most famous of all, their multi-flavored frozen margaritas and daiquiris that have created some converts from beer to fancy drinks just because they are sooooo good!

The decor is barbie influenced with a bit of 50’s and 60’s retro thrown in, just to put a bit of splash into your dining experience.  It is similar to a museum whereby they have kitsch art all over the walls, tables and ceilings making it a fun place to hang out and a great place to eat.  With Per’s background in the music industry, he is sure to mix up a great set of tunes for you to eat by and generate an atmosphere that makes everyone happy.

As the owner are Swedish, you will see some old Swedish favorites; Swedish meatballs and some great locally caught fish dishes.  Lena is diligently creating new Thai infused sauces and is always eager to try out some new dishes on unsuspecting guests.

Babes is a pioneer in Playa del Carmen and they continue to wow their guests with old favorites and new specialties.  Hats off to Per and Lena for sharing their passion and knowing over 17 years ago that they had a winner!

Written by Nicola Inwood. Nicola is the Executive Chairperson of Taste of Playa 2010.  She writes for numerous blogs, one being and is the owner of various businesses in the Riviera Maya.


1 Response to “Babe’s Noodle House – A Great Thai Option in Playa del Carmen”

  1. 1 Emily August 6, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    Great post! This restaurant was recently recommended to me. I wrote a little review of a Thai place in Cozumel. I am glad to see the diversity of other cuisines being represented in Yucatan.

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