Wine in Mexico

Probably one of the most captivating and enigmatic beverages of all time is the wine. Its presence in historical texts reveals the passionate relationship between humans and the nectar of the grape. The aromas, flavors and colors, ranging from gold, orange, ocher to countless nuances depending on the type of wine, harvesting and vineyard site, are infinite.

In Mexico, the Spanish found wild grapes during the conquest of Tenochtitlan. The nectar of the grape was already drunk by pre-Hispanic peoples in the Americas, but lacked, apparently, from a fermentation process. Viticulture was expanded from the port of Acapulco to South America by Hernan Cortes. The ports of Peru, saw the arrival of ships full of barrels containing the Spanish grapes. From here was the expansion of the domesticated grape and the diffusion of its fermentation to other South American countries like Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

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Originally published on June 30, 2010 at Yucatan Restaurants Magazine.


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