Taste of Playa Tickets on Sale

The day has come and Taste of Playa Pesos are on sale!!!  Let us give you the run down on the options and opportunities for this world class event held September 5, 2009 in Parque Fundadores, Av. Juarez and 5th Ave.!!!

The first option is VIP PASSPORTS.  This option is limited so get yours this week before they are all sold out.  This is the all inclusive pass where the passport holder will be able to have one sample per table, making this a great option for those who want it all.  This will include the beer and soda/water  table so it provides you with a great opportunity to be full and educated about all the food options in Playa Del Carmen.  Price 400 pesos and this is a steal.  the benefit to the all inclusive Passport is that you will have entry into the VIP tent where Wicky’s restaurant will be serving tastes to the guests of the VIP area.  It also provides one hour of tasting with the participation restaurants before the general public arrives at 3 pm.

The second option is the pay as you go, what we have named the ‘Taste of Playa Peso’ .  This is a more economical option for those who are limited on time or budget.  Each restaurant will take Taste of Playa Pesos in payment for your taste, with each peso worth 10 MN.  This is less then 1US so again a great option for those who arrive late or just have a limited amount of time.  General admission is at 3 pm…Taste of Playa Peso holders can enter the area at this time.  if purchasing in advance, we suggest 20 Taste of Playa Pesos per person, so that you have an opportunity to sample a good number of the restaurants.

It is recommended that people purchase their VIP passports or Taste of Playa Pesos in advance at either Hotel Tropical CasaBlanca on Av. 1 between 10th and 12th street between the hours of 2 pm and 10 pm or at Luna Blue on 26th between 5th and 10th Ave.  Both places have the VIP passports until they are sold out and Taste of Playa Pesos until the 4th of September.    During the event there will be roaming sellers who will be selling the Taste of Playa Pesos only. 

This event is coming near and it has been an exciting time to get it ready and open to the public.  We thank everyone in advance for their patronage and remember, the proceeds are going to Akl’uum International school, so join in the fun!  We are all super excited…


2 Responses to “Taste of Playa Tickets on Sale”

  1. 1 Rick July 12, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    Where is the link to buy VIP Passports????? All links give me an error and I want passes!!!!

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