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Taste of Playa Tickets on Sale

The day has come and Taste of Playa Pesos are on sale!!!  Let us give you the run down on the options and opportunities for this world class event held September 5, 2009 in Parque Fundadores, Av. Juarez and 5th Ave.!!!

The first option is VIP PASSPORTS.  This option is limited so get yours this week before they are all sold out.  This is the all inclusive pass where the passport holder will be able to have one sample per table, making this a great option for those who want it all.  This will include the beer and soda/water  table so it provides you with a great opportunity to be full and educated about all the food options in Playa Del Carmen.  Price 400 pesos and this is a steal.  the benefit to the all inclusive Passport is that you will have entry into the VIP tent where Wicky’s restaurant will be serving tastes to the guests of the VIP area.  It also provides one hour of tasting with the participation restaurants before the general public arrives at 3 pm.

The second option is the pay as you go, what we have named the ‘Taste of Playa Peso’ .  This is a more economical option for those who are limited on time or budget.  Each restaurant will take Taste of Playa Pesos in payment for your taste, with each peso worth 10 MN.  This is less then 1US so again a great option for those who arrive late or just have a limited amount of time.  General admission is at 3 pm…Taste of Playa Peso holders can enter the area at this time.  if purchasing in advance, we suggest 20 Taste of Playa Pesos per person, so that you have an opportunity to sample a good number of the restaurants.

It is recommended that people purchase their VIP passports or Taste of Playa Pesos in advance at either Hotel Tropical CasaBlanca on Av. 1 between 10th and 12th street between the hours of 2 pm and 10 pm or at Luna Blue on 26th between 5th and 10th Ave.  Both places have the VIP passports until they are sold out and Taste of Playa Pesos until the 4th of September.    During the event there will be roaming sellers who will be selling the Taste of Playa Pesos only. 

This event is coming near and it has been an exciting time to get it ready and open to the public.  We thank everyone in advance for their patronage and remember, the proceeds are going to Akl’uum International school, so join in the fun!  We are all super excited…


Global Beats for an International Food Festival!

dj-somosEveryone loves food festivals!  Across the globe, major cities and small towns alike, plan these community gatherings to showcase regional ingredients and the talents of local chefs. Residents look forward to these annual events and tourists often arrange travel plans around the festivities. But a good festival, one that people will return to year after year requires more than just good food. Location and atmosphere play an important role in creating an environment where guests are excited yet comfortable enough to stick around for awhile and enjoy the experience.

When we first initiated the planning process for Taste of Playa, our vision of this event was much smaller, limited to a handful of restaurants serving up their signature dishes on the grounds of a local boutique hotel to a group of invited guests. Over the past three months, the project has expanded and morphed into a full blown community celebration, open to all the residents and tourists in Playa del Carmen.

Obviously, with this change brought a host of new logistical issues from finding a suitable and sizable space, to getting permits, to accessing water and electricity. We identified and secured our location, the newly renovated Parque Fundadores and then set our minds to creating the proper atmosphere. We considered live music. The existing bandstand was the perfect venue to set up bands and rotate them throughout the day. Three months turned out NOT to be enough time to orchestrate the coordination and equipment needed for this endeavor. As we were intent on insuring a successful day for our restaurants and sponsors, we put live music on the backburner, an element to reconsider next year with more time and more help.

Just when we were giving up hope, a message came through to us from one of our committee members. A local DJ, Leo Nardo (aka DJ SOMOS) had expressed an interest in providing music during Taste of Playa. At first, a few of the us older hens were a bit sceptical. A DJ? What kind of music would he play? Would it be appropriate to the event? Would it be something that that accented the tasting experience or a distraction? Who is this DJ SOMOS? Well, it didn’t take much convincing once we heard the range of his skills and musical influences.

DJ SOMOS is a World Music DJ of Puerto Rican decent, raised in Chicago and now a resident of Playa del Carmen. He is part of a musical coalition called “Taste da Flavour”, a collective of DJ styles specializing in various downtempo, lounge, dance and party musical formats derived from an eclectic mix of musical genres, fusions and themes. “Taste da Flavour” is represented by Cultura Culture whose goal is to create, produce, market and excecute cross-promotional cultural experiences via art, music, dance and lifestyle events and productions.

This year, on September 5th 2009, DJ SOMOS will contribute his World Music experience within the cross-cultural celebration that is Taste of Playa! Just as the food will vary in flavour and ingredients, representing many countries and cultures, so too will the music. From the traditional to modern day fusions of African, Argentinean, Balkan, Brazilian, Caribbean, Indian, Latino and Mediterranean beats, the music will take us on a  journey as we taste our way across the globe on the shores of the Mexican Caribbean.

I hope you will all join us on September 5th at Parque Fundadores for a wonderful day of good food and good music. For more information about Leo and DJ SOMOS, including some sample tracks, please visit For more about Taste of Playa including ticketing information, visit


Taste of Playa Needs Volunteers

Taste of Playa Taste of Playa 2009 is just two weeks away and we are looking for a few good men or women to help us out on the day of the big event. We will need help selling the “Taste of Playa Pesos” and with general event support before, during and after the festival.

Volunteer benefits include an official Taste of Playa baseball cap, t-shirt and 5 Taste of Playa “pesos” good toward any of the signature dishes and beverages offered at the event. Best of all, you will meet new people, have fun and feel the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to your community.

For more information about the festival, visit If you would like to volunteer, please contact Monica Hartlief via email at

I hope to seeing you all on event day at Taste of Playa 2009!

Taste of Playa on YouTube!

Ticket Sales for the 2010 Event

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